"If you are looking for how to successfully launch a new product, company or concept with a small budget, The Credibility Factor shows you how." Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing. Author, Guerrilla Marketing series of books. Over 14 million sold; now in 42 languages


The Credibility Factor:  How to influence the influencers for immediate credibility... and an almost instant increase in the speed of sales.

Influencing the Influencers

The absolute best way to build a credible brand fast (meaning accelerate the sales cycle) is to be associated with a trusted third party source, an influencer. An influencer endorsing your product or concept delivers instant credibility. Credibility means a product is quickly embraced (or believable), which creates big buzz and even bigger sales revenues.

Why do you want this report?

It offers definitive templates, exercises and the just plain 'how to' and 'where to go' to identify the influencers and how to use them.

It delivers deep insights on how to build a brand from the ground up to be credible, ensuring the right decisions, strategies and tactical programs are created at the right time with credibility in mind.

Ultimately The Credibility Factor gives you a fundamental model to create a credible brand leading to big revenues and loyal long term customers

  • What is it that positions one company, product or person as the new "IT"?
  • What do they have that sets them apart?
  • Why are customers flocking to these companies and entrepreneurs?
  • How is it that they are attracting attention and generating revenue when you KNOW your product and/or service is far better?
  • How do you start the buzz and create word of mouth credibility?

Well, there is a formula and it's called the Credibility Factor.

Using the model credibility branding, The Credibility Factor describes how to influence the influencers; how to find them, how to get them on board, and how to use them.

Credibility Branding: The new marketing model for building a business from the ground up based on a platform of credibility

The Credibility Factor Report is based on the proprietary model Credibility Branding and the report reveals how to use this model to build a credible company and / or product from the ground up in order to draw in these highly influential editors, analysts, early customers, celebrities, industry pundits, strategic partners and the like. This model ultimately influences the influencers to influence customers and in the process creates extremely loyal long term subscribers of your products and services.

What is The Credibility Factor?

Lets reverse this, why do you buy something? What is it that attracts you enough that you decide to trust the product and bring it home or invest in it for your business? It is likely credibility. There was something that appealed to your sense of trust and you believed this product's credibility factor over another. Imagine picking up a book then seeing one of your favorite authors has endorsed it, or reading an article in a publication about a product you were interested in and someone well known, who you respect, is endorsing the product? This is instant credibility and the speed of credibility speeds the decision making process---you can sell more faster when a trust third party is vouching for it.

Jennifer McLean - Market Communications Strategist

Starting her career in advertising, Jennifer McLean learned the business of building brand while developing targeted and innovative newspaper advertising for companies such as Mazda, The Gap, Hostess, and Nortel. During her subsequent and extensive career as a public relations professional and business strategist, she leveraged brand-building strategies to focus more on the communications end of things how to identify and work with industry leaders and experts (also known as influencers). She has applied these strategies with market leaders such as Microsoft, Canon, Pioneer, and Epson, among others and developed the credibility branding model which is the foundation of her consulting business.

Avoiding "Seat of the Pants"

Years ago while working at several marketing agencies Jennifer realized that most companies really don't have a strategic plan, or even a thorough comprehension of their target market. In an effort to assist these companies to think like marketers she created a system that walked them through the steps of strategy. It offered tools and templates to:


Determine what to say, to which audiences, and when.


How to create messaging that will be embraced and believed by the market.


How to identify the influencers, when to engage them and how to use them.

Which customers to pursue at what stage of the product or corporate lifecycle.

How to build a platform of credibility that will attract all key contacts (customers, partners, influencers).

This system became Credibility Branding, and is now available for the first time as in this report. Those clients paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for the information that you can now have for this $79 report.

The Credibility Factor is yours in an electronic format, so that you don't have to wait. You can have it NOW!

The Credibility Factor Report: $79.00

Best wishes,

Jennifer McLean

Market Communications Strategist
Author of The Credibility Factor Report, Creator of Credibility Branding

  • Make a commitment to your company and/or product perception; orchestrate it instead of being controlled by it.
  • It is time to read this report and take control of your brand; build and manage your credibility, drive sales quickly, grow bigger faster.
  • Use credibility to speed the pace of sales and convert sales quickly

Download The Credibility Factor Report and engage the influencers to promote, endorse, and drive your credibility factor sky high

The Credibility Factor Report: $79.00

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