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We deliver an a la carte set of project solutions to make our partnerships with clients either big and comprehensive or targeted and succinct.

An example of a la carte consulting choices

You can choose to receive a comprehensive set of reports:

  • New Business Development Opportunities
  • New Revenue Opportunities
  • Strategic Partnership Opportunities
  • New Messaging and Positioning
  • Identifying and Leveraging the Influencers

A Full Marketing Plan

We use a thorough auditing process through interviews with customers, vendors, partners, pundits, media, analysts, board members, key employees and management teams. This allows us to gain the most comprehensive holistic view of how the company is perceived from the inside out and from the outside in.

Filtering the perceptions of these constituents through one research project, using the credibility branding model and leveraging our years of expertise allows us to recognize and address multiple challenges and opportunities.

Following is our a la carte menu. You can chose one or combinations of two or more. Each one has a different associated cost based on the scope of work. Variables to project cost estimates consist of

  • Market size
  • The stage of the company an/or product lifecycle
  • The size of the company

Which elements (competitive research, sales, partnerships and marketing/business strategies) need to be explored based on how deeply they need to be investigated

Menu of Consulting Choices and Reports

Competitive Research

  • We research all competitors…
    • We investigate direct competitors, those that overlap with similar solutions and messaging but are in fact different
    • We review competitive positioning and messaging not just the feature set:
    • How does your competitor describe their solutions in collateral, press releases etc.
    • How does the editorial community embrace (or not) that positioning
    • How do industry influencers, analyst and bloggers embrace competitive positioning
    • What is the solution set and the benefits that competitors are delivering in comparison to your products and solutions
    • Which competitors are so new they are flying under the radar

Sales Opportunities

  • Our research model allows us to give our clients a better understanding of the sales opportunities available to them at various points in their corporate and product lifecycles
    • What customers would be best to pursue and when
    • What customers would contribute the most credibility to your company brand and relationships
    • Which customers would be the influencers to engage other customers
    • We also broker introductions to new business opportunities

Strategic Partnerships

  • The research projects we perform allow us to gain a better understanding of who would be ideal strategic partners
    • We identify (and can pursue) partnerships that would enhance and add value to the product
    • We identify (and can) pursue marketing relationships with partners that add value to the brand credibility of your company and/or product

Marketing and Business Strategies

The credibility branding model inherently delivers new marketing and business opportunities.

  • We coach our clients to see the marketing opportunities in all business and product management decisions.
  • We help to create that invisible thread that ties the different departmental goals and programs together into a cohesive whole
  • The credibility branding research system and overarching model helps our clients to develop a market position and vision that all key company constituents can embrace
  • We help to build consensus between teams and departments
  • We deliver a thorough marketing and communications strategy and even a tactical programs to support that strategy (if you require that level of detail)
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